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BioAnalyt develops iChecks - portable test kits for an instant quantitative analysis of key vitamins and minerals. We empower companies and organizations in over 60 countries of the world with accurate and fast measurement tools to ensure food quality and safety. Our technology and expertise is also relevant in the fields of animal health and personalized nutrition.

Products and services

Our technology - iCheck - allows instant vitamin and mineral testing in foods, beverages and biological fluids. iChecks are the state-of-the-art portable spectrometers that in combination with a ready-to-go extraction vials enable easy and on accurate quantitative on-the-spot analysis of iron, iodine and vit. A.

iCheck benefits at one glance:

  • Time efficiency: the result is obtained in under 10 minutes.
  • Cost saving: cost of one measurement is only 10% compared to traditional laboratory methods.
  • Easy implementation: no calibration by the user and only 1-day training is required.

BioAnalyt’s products and services are produced in Germany and meet all quality standards, such as the ISO 9001:2015.

Our technology is used in over 60 countries by leading micronutrient and food producers, such as BASF, DSM, and Wilmar, Cargill and Nestle, many national Bureaus of Standards, Food and Drug Administrations and other monitoring agencies responsible for food fortification and nutrition programs.

iCheck Fluoro

Our worldwide bestseller: a portable florometer for the quantitative determination of the vitamin A content in food and biological flids within minutes. Popular matrices: sugar; flour; skimmed milk, bouillon cubes, vitamin premixes.

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iCheck Chroma 3

A portable photometer for the quantitative determination of the vitamin A content in refied edible oils within minutes.

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Rapid Measurement of Vitamin E and ß-Carotene at Cow-side with iCheck

Vitamin E and ß-carotene are linked closely to the immunity, fertility and health of cattle especially with dairy cattle. With iCheck devices vitamin E and ß-carotene blood levels can be rapidly measured on the farm, allowing for direct optimization of the nutritional interventions together with relevant stakeholders such as farmers, feed consultants and veterinarians.

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