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Labmix24 is your supplier for Certified Reference Materials, SUS, recalibration samples and consumables. We supply Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Geological and Industrial samples to universities, laboratories, hospitals and many other industrial producers.

We and our partners are ISO 9001 certified or accredited to ISO Guide 17034 and ISO 17025. Our unique database “CRMSearch24” with more than 1.000,000 products enables you to find your required reference material simple and fast.

Products and services

  • Proficiency testing (PT)
  • Environmental matrix reference materials
  • Food matrix reference material 
  • Food specific standards
  • Metals
  • Industrial and Geological reference material
  • Combustion element analyser standards
  • Organic standards Pesticides, PCB´s, PAH´s
  • Biolipids and research chemicals
  • Inorganic standards
  • Ion chromatography standards
  • Pharmaceutical reference materials
  • Clinical reference material
  • Forensic reference standards
  • Physical property standards
  • High purity standards
  • Occupational hygiene reference materials
  • Miscellaneous reference materials
  • Laboratory supplies
Pharmaceutical reference standards

• EP European Pharmacopeia
• BP British Pharmacopeia
• International Pharmacopoeia Reagents and Solutions
• TOC Standards and Vials
• Pharmaceutical impurities
• Secondary Standards
• TRC Toronto Research Chemicals

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Organic, Food and Environmental reference materials

Food Materials
• Cereals
• Fish, fish products and shellfish
• Meat and meat products
• Milk and milk products
• Vegetable matter
• Drinking water

Environmental standards
• Water
• Sediments
• Soil, Clay, Loam
• Sewage sludges
• Plants
• Ash and particulate
• Dust and fumes

Organic standards and solutions
• PCB, PAH, BETX, Alkane, Phthalates
• Pesticides
• Nitrosamines

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Metals,Combustion, Industrial and Geological reference materials

ICP, OES and XRF Analysis

• Aluminium Base
• Nickel Base
• Iron base

Industrial and Geological
• Petrochemical standards
• Rocks and minerals
• Ores
• Refractories and carbides
• Ferro alloys
• Cement
• Coal, Coke, Ashes & Powders
• XRF Glasses
• Plastics discs and Powder (ROHS)
• Industrial sludges
• Oxide
• Fertilizers
• Soil, Clay, Loam
• Dust and fumes

• Sulfur standards
• Nitrogen and Oxygen standards
• Sulfur and nitrogen mixed standards
• Metals

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News & Innovations

Milestone - More than 1.000.000 reference standards available online !

The unique and innovative webshop inludes now more than 1.000.000 reference standards. Please use our amazing database CRMSearch24 to find your reference standard quick and easy.

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