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Hirschmann Laborgeräte has been developing and producing superior-quality volumetric measuring instruments, pumps, liquid handling products for (continuous) dispensing, pipetting and titration and precision capillaries since 1964. In the case of precision capillaries in particular, Hirschmann Laborgeräte is only one of three manufacturers on a global level who are capable of producing capillaries with this degree of precision. 

Outstandingly high quality and user-friendliness have the highest of priority at Hirschmann and numerous awards and prizes (e.g. the IF Design Award, red dot product design Award) have borne testimony to these qualities. 

Hirschmann provides advanced problem solutions for daily work in medical laboratories, research and applications in industry. The quality, efficiency and reliability of these maximum precision and technically perfect products are therefore guaranteed. Hirschmann Laborgeräte employs over 120 personnel and delivers to more than 100 countries around the world.

Products and services

Hirschmann Laborgeräte offers a comprehensive range of volumetric glassware like graduated and volumetric pipettes, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks and burettes. Moreover Hirschmann manufactures high precision capillaries in outstanding quality with an accuracy down to 0.25%.

Another competence of Hirschmann is the manufacturing of high quality products for pipetting, dispensing and titration: pipette filler pipetus®, bottle top dispenser ceramus®, motordriven bottle top dispenser opus®, dispenser, motordriven bottle top titrator opus® Titration, hand-operated bottle top titrator solarus® powered by solar Energy.

With the rotarus® pump series Hirschmann takes a great leap into the field of continuous delivery pumps. A selection of different motors, pump heads, casings with different protective classes and intelligent control engineering of the delivery through RFID technology are available.


opus® is a bottle attachment designed for titration and dispensing. Automated procedures and the modular control concept make laboratory routines speedier, safer and more accurate: parameters are configured and working procedures triggered on the control module. Dispensing of the medium is motorized. This rules out deviations caused by manual control and guarantees absolute reproducibility of results.

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A dispensing piston made of maximum-purity aluminium oxide ceramic forms the centrepiece of the ceramus®. Contrary to PTFE coated pistons, this material ensures the highest degree of chemical and thermal resistance.
This is not only the guarantee of an enduringly reliable dimensional stability of parts which determine the volume, but also superior operating comfort. The ceramic piston is a perfect tolerance fit, can be operated smoothly with a minimal application of force.

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solarus®, Hirschmann's digital burette sets new standards in manual titration. Revolutionary: The integrated solar panels supplies energy for the electronic components and the display, i.e. no more charging or changing batteries. Additional advantage: The serial bidirectional interface (RS 232 and USB) for taking down the performed titrations, further processing of the titration data and input of the user-specific calibration factor.

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News & Innovations

rotarus® - Continuous dispensing, intelligent control

The rotarus® peristaltic pump series sees Hirschmann taking the leap into the world of continuous dispensing pumps. An universal planned product family is available with a selection of different motors, varying housing safety classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes, covering a broad spectrum of application areas in the lab or industry.

Hirschmann’s liquid handling competence is also evident in the sophisticated functions and innovative details of rotarus®. 50 and 100 Watt motors ensure precise delivery in speed ranges from 0.2 to 500 revolutions per minute. This means that media with a high viscosity can also be accurately dispensed. RFID technology is used to detect the pump head, as well as the used tube. Configuration data for basic parameters can also be stored in this manner and retrieved at any time. The rotarus® flow and volume models have automatic blockage detection and tube rupture monitoring.

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Individual labelling - As unique as a fingerprint
Volumetric measuring devices made of glass - now also available with individual labelling. The new Hirschmann coding process enables the labelling of glass measuring flasks with a data matrix code, barcode, numbers and letters. Each device is thus labelled with a unique, unequivocal signature, enabling unambiguous identification of the device throughout the entire period of use. The labelling is durably protected and remains permanently legible.
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